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Welcome to Daily Living Centers 

Daily Living Centers are affordable, non-residential facilities that support the health, nutritional and social needs of seniors and adults with disabilities. We provide an alternative to assisted living centers and nursing homes in a professionally staffed, group setting. DLC has four centers with locations in Bethany, Edmond, Northeast Oklahoma City and South Oklahoma City.


Daily Living Centers are more than adult day care centers. We offer comprehensive services and interactive activities led by skilled professionals. Because of the impact that quality, adult day health care has on both caretakers and participants, we strive to provide the following: 

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Daily Living Centers provides quality service.

The role of a caretaker is demanding. We are a reliable support service for caretakers who need extra aid for their loved ones, who require a safe space for engagement, interaction or rest. 

Daily Living Centers provides excellence.

Caretakers should accept nothing short of the best for the loved ones in their care. With experienced staff and skilled nursing assistants, we provide a high standard of care with stimulating activities in a safe and trusted environment.  

Daily Living Centers provides convenience.
Daily Living Center transportation

Our goal is to ease the responsibilities that come with being a caretaker. We offer door-to-door transportation and access to multiple locations. Our hours of operation coincide with normal business hours, and our locations always provide access to  nutritional meals and snacks. Participant hygiene services are available upon request.

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