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Daily Living Center participants
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Living Centers?

Daily Living Centers (DLC) is a safe and affordable place for caregivers to bring their loved ones during the day while they work or take care of other daily tasks.


Our participants include seniors and adults with disabilities ages 18 and up. 


Why choose DLC over at-home care or assisted living?

We pride ourselves in being a more affordable option to caregivers. Our service allows for participants to continue to live at home as long as they are able without the added financial strain that comes along with home care, assisted living or nursing homes. 

Find a center near you to inquire about daily rates or contact us here.

Daily Living Center participants

What do participants do at DLC?

We have a variety of activities, games and outings we do for our participants. Along with playing games and crafts, we have group activities such as chair exercises and cooking classes to involve everyone.  


We go on group outings once a week. These include trips to the library, visiting friends at partner centers, getting ice cream, going to museums and so much more. 


Our activities are geared to keep our participants engaged while also exercising their minds and bodies in a safe and trusted environment.


What other services do you offer?

Additionally, we offer door-to-door transportation for those who need extra assistance getting their loved one to our centers. We also have hygiene treatments available to help ease the duties of our caregivers. 


Our expanded transportation program now offers Med-Rides to seniors or adults with disabilities in our community. For more information on how you can use our Med-Ride program, please contact our Transportation Director at (405) 233-3586.

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