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Daily Living Centers is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit. We are the oldest and largest adult day health care organization in Oklahoma, with four locations spread throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.

Old Friends

Most people don’t know that our beginnings were actually quite humble. We were initially founded in 1974 as a therapeutic day care center for impaired, homebound and elderly people. The pilot program was organized by a group of individuals in partnership with Areawide Aging and the YMCA.


In 1977, the program operated out of the basement of the First Presbyterian Church. It was officially incorporated and the name “Daily Living Centers” as we know it today, was born. 


In 1980, we earned our United Way designation, and we’ve been growing ever since.  


Of special importance to our history was the 1987 hire of Bill Weaver as our Executive Director. Mr. Weaver led our growth for 29 years, and while he is no longer with us, his contributions to adult day health care live on. Our Bethany Center bears his name to honor his memory.


Under Bill’s leadership, we became the 1st licensed adult daycare facility in Oklahoma. We moved into our first building and opened three additional locations so we could serve more people throughout the metro area.

Patient and Nurse

We provide engaging activities, like gardening, board games and field trips, so our participants can liver fuller, more active lives.


We also provide transportation to participants who need it. This was something Mr. Weaver was particularly passionate about. He believed that caregivers deserve a break, and that transportation to Daily Living Centers shouldn’t cause additional stress. To help meet that need, we have a fleet of vehicles that can pick up and drop off participants who need transportation from their front door to ours.


This is a special place. We are proud to serve some very, very special people. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

We are funded from a combination of state funding, federal funding and private donations. 


Over the last decade, state funding has declined significantly, so it’s more important than ever for community members to support us by donating. 


With your help, we can make sure our participants have hot, nutritious meals. 


We can pay for hygiene treatments so when our participants go home, their caregivers - many of whom work full-time jobs -  can enjoy the evening with their loved ones instead of working through a list of additional chores.


And we can provide safe, engaging activities to our participants with whom we are privileged to spend our days.  


Community happens here. Life happens here. 

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